Meghan Markle’s Appearance Changed Because of One Detail Many Missed

Meghan Markle, renowned for her impeccable style and poised demeanor, recently captured attention with a subtle yet significant alteration in her appearance. Amidst the spotlight of official engagements and public appearances, Meghan quietly embraced a change that many overlooked.

Images circulated in early 2024 revealed Meghan sporting a radiant glow and notably fuller, fluffier brows—a departure from her previous affinity for the over-plucked eyebrow trend of the ’90s.

The secret behind Meghan’s enhanced eyebrows was unveiled by Yana Gushchina, founder of beauty hotspot Browfique. She disclosed Meghan’s adoption of a technique called powdering, a semi-permanent makeup method renowned for its ombre effect and soft powder finish, resulting in naturally defined brows.

While Meghan has embraced a minimalist makeup aesthetic in recent years, often accentuating her look with feathery false eyelashes, her former makeup artist, Lydia Sellers, revealed Meghan’s steadfast commitment to her beauty routine. “Meghan is very self-assured when it comes to what she likes in a beauty routine, and our time together very rarely ventured too far from her classic makeup look,” Sellers explained.

Despite Meghan’s consistency in her makeup choices, some individuals are willing to undergo extensive transformations, even traveling long distances for a complete makeover. Such was the case for a woman who received a makeover from a prestigious Korean beauty clinic, prompting online users to marvel at her dramatic shift, appearing to age backwards from 50 to 30 years old.

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